SAQ® (Speed, Agility, Quickness) was headed by Mr. Alan Pearson

Over the past 22 years SAQ International have developed and introduced a number of World Leading Ground Breaking movement based training programmes throughout the World. Initially developed in conjunction with leading athletic sports scientists, coaches and world class athletes, the programme has gone from strength to strength. The impact on all forms of elite sport has been considerable introducing them to transitional, functional and explosive movement which is now firmly embedded in their training programmes. International, Premiership and elite individuals including rugby, football, cricket, tennis and hockey have introduced SAQ to their regime. The programme has been instrumental in helping clubs win international games, promotion, improve performance and reduce injuries. The programme has been extensively scrutinised through research projects all have proved the benefits of the SAQ Programme.

Soon after its introduction into elite sports, the goal was to filter it through to schools throughout the UK and other Countries. This has resulted in a ground breaking research project involving over 2,000 children and 14 schools. This was overseen by UK’s Public Health involving a number of educational and sporting bodies. The results again were outstanding, not only physically, but its impact on the children’s health, well-being, confidence, learning skills and behaviour. Many of the top UK private schools including Millfield, Harrow, Wellington have introduced the programme and resources to their curriculum.

Over the past 20 years SAQ has developed relationships with a number of major organisations throughout Europe providing education, resources and consultative services. Because of the presence of SAQ in schools and elite sport major health club organisations sought the help of SAQ including Virgin Active.

SAQ International is now developing ground breaking programmes that track children’s physical activity while at school – this is the first group monitoring system. On-going development of a rehabilitation and training surface called The Aerofloor and a ground breaking multi directional movement product called The Cardio Cage. SAQ’s success is due to the bringing together of a clear vision, expertise and passion.


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