IBASE Mission Statement

" To equip young students with the skills, health, well-being and confidence they need to be successful in education, physical activity and sport. To provide them with the foundation so they can achieve maximum potential in their future work, business and professional lives."

Our priorities:

  • To provide a framework, structures and facilities that promotes the ultimate learning environment.
  • Adapt the curriculum and how it is delivered to anticipate and meet changing demands.
  • To employ the latest sports science, physical activity and health and well-being research to achieve maximum educational outcomes.
  • Employ, train and retain high performing teachers, coaches and support staff.
  • Develop links with local state schools and community groups promoting inclusion, supporting children with talent to maximise their potential.
  • Make a positive contribution to the economic success and growth within the region.
  • Continually seek out opportunities to improve, update and maximise the potential of its school, staff and children.

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